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 ====== Critical Information:​ Covid-19 ====== ====== Critical Information:​ Covid-19 ======
-=== Particularly focused on Australia, but relevent ​to almost anyone anywhere ===+=== Particularly focused on Australia, but relevant ​to almost anyone anywhere ===
 If you do nothing else today, please read the links from **[[Covid19|this page]]** If you do nothing else today, please read the links from **[[Covid19|this page]]**
 +Disclaimer: I have worked for, and been associated with, a number of universities and research organisations throughout my career. None of them endorse what is in the linked pages, and they may well completely disagree with the information. You should not judge the credibiility of this information based on any association I may have or have had with any organisation. Please judge it by its own content.
 Posted 15th March 2020 Posted 15th March 2020