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 ===== General Linux Info ===== ===== General Linux Info =====
 +  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Fedora:​SOCKS|Using a SOCKS Proxy to speed up browsing]]
 +  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Fedora:​VPN|Using our VPN]]
   * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Fedora:​nx|Current bugs in Fedora nx servers]] ​   * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Fedora:​nx|Current bugs in Fedora nx servers]] ​
 +  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Fedora:​upgrading|Upgrading Fedora]] ​
 +  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Fedora:​Makefiles|Makefiles]] ​
 ===== Macintosh Info ===== ===== Macintosh Info =====
-  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Macintosh:​TM|Running more than one Time Machine disk automatically]] in Snow Leopard (10.6).+  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Macintosh:​TM|Running more than one Time Machine disk automatically]] in Snow Leopard (10.6) 
 +  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​Macintosh:​x2go|Virtual Desktop Clients]] in Yosemite (10.10) 
 +===== LaTeX Info ===== 
 +A resource for weird LaTeX related stuff 
 +=== Papers for MIT Journals === 
 +Artificial Intelligence Journal, and probably other MIT journals, require use of the apa7 LaTeX class, but also require natbib macros. Not well documented anywhere I could find, but after a lot of experimentation,​ what worked was  
 +\documentclass[man,​floatsintext,​draftall]{apa7} % for submission version, remove '​draftall'​ for final publishable version 
 +MIT journals also requires all images to be in CMYK colour space, but we used pdflatex with all images being png format, which supports only sRGB colour space. I found this bash script useful on linux with imagemagick for converting pngs to CMYK pdfs that pdflatex can handle (it can probably also work on macs and windows, probably requires installation of imagemagick on both, and cygwin on windows). 
 +# Usage: (converts all pngs in directory to corresponding CMYK pdfs) 
 +for file in *.png 
 + f="​$(basename $file .png)"​ 
 +# echo "​$f"​ 
 + convert $file -colorspace CMYK -units PixelsPerInch -density 1200 $f.pdf 
 +It would probably ​ work also for converting (standard) sRGB jpgs to CMYK jpgs, but I haven'​t tested this. 
 +===== BioIntelligence Lab / old Structural Complexity Lab Info ===== 
 +A backup resource for some old Structural Complexity Lab info 
 +  * [[resource:​sc_lab_info:​ScLab:​boot|Booting Legacy SC Lab Machines]]