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Rain Pix 2021/03 20-23

185mmm of rain over four days!!!

Sunday after about 60mm:

Is the left one flowers, or a near-dead version of the right???

Upstream and Downstream from the crossing near the dam

The far creek

Where I'm planning to offtake the far creek

Upstream and Downstream on the top road

Tuesday after the full 185mm

Termite mound above the main road (a bit the worse for wear); road crossing below house

A full dam

Up and downstream on raod crossing near dam

The far creek

The boulder that moved; the creek at the offtake

Because of the boulder, it wasn't safe to go down to the creek (the track runs below it, I reckon it weighs around a tonne, and it's not stable. After everything's settled down, I'll take a crowbar down and try to topple it into the creek.

Finally, the water in the dam creek thundering through where it crosses the top road

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